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Squarector: Square Reader Extension Cord

  • $19.99

Phil Foss,  founder of TYOTOYS and friend of the the small retailer, presents the Squarector; an extension cord fully compatible with the Square Reader. Swipe Anywhere.

  • 6.5 ft (2 meters) in length
  • Free lanyard included
  • 2 free cable holders (black) from BlueLounge included

Squarector extends the reach of your Square Credit Card reader. Help decrease device theft by keeping your customers at a distance during a swipe. Package contains two self-adhesive cord holders for mounting your Square on your counter. Also included is a blue lanyard (in case you want to wear your reader). Squarector cord and clips are both black in color. Used by food trucks, crafters, and any mobile vendor.

Quit fumbling with your iPad or iPhone/Android device during transactions!

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